Our leather requires almost no care and lasts a lifetime.

Each batch has its own story of how it is made, therefore it has its specific cleaning guidelines, however to maintain the natural beauty of the leather, it is always important to follow these easy guidelines:

• keep it hydrated, gently washing the outer layer with neutral liquid soap and regular tap water;
• when the leather is still a little bit damp apply light cream to moisten it again;
• leave it to dry naturally, better if not under the sun;
• simply dust the surface with a dry cloth;
• do not wipe or scrup its surface to keep the grain intact;
• do not use any chimical agent or polish cleaner;
• test any cleaneup procedure in a hidden area first to verify if you like the result.

Heavy stains may require specific advices, it is why we hightly suggest to contact your trusted cleaning specialist.

Care and Cleaning