Marine Leather is a tannery company and although we love everything related to upholstery materials and furnishing projects we don’t offer this service.

Our selected product range is easy to mount by any specialist therefore our customers can be sure we will be glad to collaborate with his trusted upholsterer to ensure the best final result.

Only for our specific article for flooring solutions we give the option to use your trusted tilers or our expert technicians both for the cutting and laying services.

Since leather is a natural material each hide is unique and the dimensions given are approximative. You must expect the shape of a cow of about 4.5 sqm since only our wovens come in rolls like fabrics and are sold by meters.

We suggest to calculate how much leather you will need to complete your project in surplus to requirements since there will always be a nuance difference between a batch and another if later on more material occurs to finish the artwork.